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Free Social Justice Resource for Grades 4, 5 and 6

The Junior World-Changers Kit is a fun and practical resource for teachers to introduce younger students to social justice issues and activism.

Free The Children is a Toronto based charity and the largest organization of children helping children through education.

This kit is divided into three parts: Educate, Empower, Engage. It is believed that if students are given the opportunity to develop their skills in each of these areas, they will become more globally aware, socially engaged and empowered to bring about change in our world. 

Using hands-on activities, students will learn about issues such as clean water, education, child labour, health etc. They are encouraged to understand the daily reality for many of their peers around the world, while being provided with a positive outlet to turn their raw emotional reactions into constructive action. 

The kit can be used consecutively or activities can also be picked out and used individually. The best news is that it’s all online and free! 

The kit:

Lesson Plans

Country Guides

Guided Reading Book

Find the website here

How cool is this!

I wish we’d learned things like this in elementary school.  I feel like people my age would be less indifferent if we had.

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